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Luna House Newsletter, Spring 2022

Hello everyone As I sit down to connect with you all, my heart is both devastated and elevated by events unfolding in Iran. How appalling it is, in our own world and our own times, that a young woman has been taken from the life she came to live over nothing more than a detail of how she was wearing her clothing. Her terrible fate represents so much that is lost to humanity on a daily basis through intolerance and repression of the feminine in countless ways and places. And yet, even as thousands around the world are mourning Mahsa Amini’s murder, we also hear the outcry of voices raised throughout Iran, the refusal of women in Afghanistan and elsewhere under similar regimes to give up what they know is theirs – the courage and consciousness arising all over the globe that cannot be extinguished by any force pressed down on it. In these times of very great danger, anything and everything we can do to strengthen the feminine in ourselves and each other is vital and urgent as never before. Even as our hearts break for Mahsa Amini’s brutally shortened life, her bereft family and friends, let’s ensure her light is not lost to us. Let us not feel hopeless or helpless, but aware that the massive shifts our world needs start right here, right now, inside each of us. In the words of someone who knew a lot about large-scale societal change, let’s remember what it actually is that makes such transformations inevitable and unstoppable:

Be the change you want to see (Gandhi)

The feminine will become known, honoured, trusted and included in this world exactly to the extent that we are able to know, honour, trust and include it in our bodies, our psyches, our beliefs and behaviours. In our own willingness to accept and embrace all that has been rejected and excluded about femaleness. Can we now honour the memory of Amini, and of each and every one of millions of lives terminated for being female, with a renewed determination to restore that forbidden presence to its rightful place as fully and fearlessly as we possibly can? That means bringing all of our womanhood with us into every part of life…

True equality will ask us to no longer live as if we were not experiencing menstrual cycles and menopause, BUT AS IF WE ARE! How can we grow our consciousness and confidence to do this?


The Alchemy of Menopause in Wellington

A very warm welcome to new readers who joined Luna House for the first time in Wellington at our recent Alchemy of Menopause workshop. I loved spending the day with you, and hope you are enjoying getting acquainted with the new view of menopause we explored in our brief time together. Very soon now I hope to have more ways to offer you of connecting in with Luna House and other women, so we can all support each other in the great adventure of learning how to apply the conscious menstruality approach to the daily realities and challenges of our menstrual cycles and menopause. Watch this space!!


Fenomenal You: A New View of Menopause

A Saturday workshop on 29th October

Luna House will be pairing up with The Sanctuary, at Rangiora near Christchurch for a Saturday workshop in the spirit of The Purple Tent – the menopausal women’s version of the Red Tent. This will be a day for women approaching or experiencing menopause to come along and be informed, supported and inspired in the very best of company, under the care of our lovely host Sandra, in a beautiful rural setting. Click here for more information.


And something for the menstrual cycle women...

Here is a recent conversation between myself and the lovely Sarah Brenchley, a femenome-friendly Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist in Auckland. Look her up here if you’d like to know more about her.

That’s all for now. Wishing you all a sense of renewed energy, hope and enjoyment of life in this beautiful Spring season. With love to you all Jane Catherine


The femenome is here. She is ours. We are hers. She has been banished into dormancy for longer than human memory can stretch. And now she is awakening. Dear sisters, it’s time to let her in. Because then, together, we can let her out!!


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