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What is the femenome  ?


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For thousands of years now a compelling truth about our feminine design has been hidden from us by being left nameless.  Without words with which to think and speak of what is within us, how can we know it is there?  Luna House is on a mission to break the age-old silence that has kept us from knowing ourselves and each other as we really are.  If we are to reclaim and inhabit the designer life our hormones equip us to live, we must have new words to make visible, audible, tangible and usable what has too long been alienated from us.

Just as the term genome was coined to name the entire map of a species’ genes, so Luna House now offers the brand-new word femenome to name the complete lexicon of spiritual and energetic information for being female that is stored in every woman’s hormonal circuitry and activated throughout her life by her 4-m sequence of menarche, menstrual cycle years, menopause and mature life. The femenome is our inbuilt design, the matrix governing our lifelong psycho-spiritual maturation, the garden in which we grow our Self to its fullest feminine potential.

The femenome is a holographic entity. The femenome around us is the design of Life Itself, the feminine aspect of the sacred geometry of which all things are made as revealed and governed by the Laws of Nature and the fourfold patterns and rhythms of the Universe. The femenome within us is a microcosm of that macrocosm, a perfect holographic replica, as revealed and governed by the hormonal prompts and processes of our menstruality.  We are femenome fractals.  Within the great overarching presence of the universal femenome, each woman’s embodiment of it is her own unique, personal and soul-tailored expression of feminine energy.

What is menstruality?

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Inside every woman is a little-known but perfect and beautiful design - the matrix upon which her lifelong development of Self takes place.  Activated by hormones, this intricate and elegant template is expressed by the 4 m’s each woman traverses during her life:  menarche (first period); menstrual cycle years (every day of every month); the great transformations of menopause, and the crowning stage of mature life.

What is conscious menstruality?

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Conscious menstruality is an awareness that invites us into  a new way of being woman.  It is the simple and sacred art of living by the design in which we are made.

The art of conscious menstruality asks us to trust our female hormones and their mysterious ways, and to accept the messages and assistance they bring us from within.  It is a willingness to work with the tools we are given....

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