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What is Menstruality?

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Inside every women is a little-known but perfect and beautiful design - the matrix upon which her lifelong development of self takes place.  Activated by hormones, this intricate and elegant template is expressed by the 4 m’s each woman traverses during her life:  menarche (first period); menstrual cycle years (every day of every month); the great transformations of menopause, and the crowning stage of mature life.

Although we are familiar with thinking of these four life-stages in terms of fertility, that is only a partial understanding of something that is much deeper, more complex and more sacred than we might realize.

So much knowledge of The Feminine has slipped out of human awareness over the centuries that we no longer recognize our four m’s as the comprehensive whole they really are.  The word “menstruality” was created in 1999 by Luna House so we could come to know and speak about our uniquely feminine design in new ways.

“Menstruality” refers to the four life-stages as a single entity of unified purpose.  The name menstruality describes the actual workings of our feminine design: ovulation, periods, premenstrual feelings, mood and energy changes around the month, hot flushes, mental and memory changes, intensified emotions, aging effects - all the many and varied experiences our hormonal processes bring to us at every stage.  Our menstruality is the voice of the femenome speaking inside us.  Although we have long been conditioned to dislike, distrust, ignore and over-ride these messages, they are actually the teaching tools she uses to compel us to wake  up from our adaptive oblivion and realize the uniquely feminine potentials we carry inside us.

What is conscious menstruality?

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Conscious menstruality is an awareness that invites us into  a new way of being woman.  It is the simple and sacred art of living by the design in which we are made.

The art of Conscious menstruality asks us to trust our female hormones and their mysterious ways, and to accept the messages and assistance they bring us from within.  It is a willingness to work with the tools we are given - yes, those very things we have been taught to view in a negative light:  PMT emotions, hot flushes, energy fluctuations, menstrual discomfort – and to know how to interpret them and co-operate with them for our own highest wellbeing.  In doing so we allow ourselves to have the life that naturally expresses itself from our femininity, rather than striving to adapt to a way that does not suit us or include us as we really are.

Conscious menstruality is a teaching unique to Luna House: a particular and practical application of our feminine design to our everyday lives.  In simple, direct ways, conscious menstruality shows us how to align our activities, plans and relationships with our interior rhythms and changes, so we can create an easy and harmonious flow that really works for us.  This is knowledge that ensures we make the most of each of our various and specific energy states, and receive maximum benefit from using them as they are intended.  When we understand what our menstruality is bringing to us on a daily basis, we can open to subtle and sacred aspects of ourselves that expand our consciousness and enrich our lives in very enjoyable ways.

Asking women to live oblivious to their menstruality is like asking trees to ignore the seasons of Nature.  They simply cannot be themselves.  Conscious menstruality resonates with the Laws of Nature, and with all of the major knowledge systems of the world.  It is holographic and harmonic, and therefore boundless in its scope and potential.

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