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About Luna House

"Taking a step in evolution requires a paradigm revolution"

- Jane Catherine Severn, “The World Within Women”

In today’s busy and demanding world, the essential feminine realities of Menarche, Menstrual Cycles, Menopause and Mature Life are not well understood or supported.  All too often they are negatively regarded and painfully experienced  in the lives of women and girls across many cultures. We all deserve better than this.

Luna House has been created to address a gap in consciousness and care that has existed for far too long, and to open a much-needed new perspective that can truly transform women’s awareness and feelings about themselves and their place in the world. 

The teachings of Luna House go far beyond our accustomed medical model to offer a radically new, wholistic and integrated understanding of menarche, menstrual cycles (every day of the month), menopause and mature life, and why women’s hormones behave in the mysterious ways they do. Within this context the so-called “symptoms” we encounter in our feminine life-cycle begin to make sense in new ways as the doorways they really are into as-yet unrealised potentials in the female psyche.

Luna House provides a warm and welcoming environment where women (and men who love them) can gather to be informed, supported, connected and inspired. Courses, workshops, talks and seminars offer knowledge and assistance not elsewhere available. Individual and couple consultations are also available for those wishing to receive a more personalised and therapeutic form of support for hormonal or life-stage issues. Rituals, ceremonies and celebrations can also be created to acknowledge, enhance and support rites of passage, life events, festivals, seasonal changes, etc. Luna House events can be tailored to specific needs and priorities, and offered in any location.

The femenome® model taught at Luna House is unique and original, and has been developed over many years by its founder, Jane Catherine Severn. It is also offered as professional development training to a broad range of social service and community agencies serving a female clientelle, and as a therapy modality in its own right to Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Jane Catherine’s heartfelt wish is that women and girls can come to know that the purpose and potency of their hormonal design goes far beyond its reproductive function, and has vastly more to offer themselves and the world than we have ever realised.  Her approach seeks to bring healing in a long-neglected area, and to restore deep dimensions of meaning and sacredness to women’s daily lives.

About Jane Catherine

Jane Catherine Severn is the founder and facilitator of Luna House. 

As a young woman she was deeply unimpressed with the inconvenience and discomforts of her menstrual cycle. Then at age 25 the accidental discovery that women’s monthly changes match those of the moon filled her with excitement and set her on a quest that would become her life’s work.  Amazed at the transformation this one fragment of knowledge had brought to her own feelings about being female, she sensed the presence of a much greater revelation that could give all girls and women a new view of themselves and their place in the world.

Quickly realising that conventional methods of search and research would not yield the kind of knowledge she was seeking, Jane Catherine knew she had to learn how to learn in a whole new way.  Her deep respect for the ways of Nature, and her absolute faith in the integrity of our innate female design allowed her to see through the limits and distortions we have inherited from millennia of dislike and distrust of menstrual cycles, menopause and cronehood.  With a willingness to learn from the thing we are studying, and not assuming we already know, we can be shown a new reality.  Jane Catherine’s 40 years of close study of women’s hormonal processes have revealed to her a design of exquisite beauty and purpose that has become the ever-expanding body of knowledge she teaches at Luna House.

In addition to her pioneering work as a Menstruality Educator, Jane Catherine is a Psychotherapist, Pascha Therapist and Supervisor, offering consultations in her private practice in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand).  She is a writer and is currently making her unique and original knowledge of women’s hormonal design available through a series of books.  (See Luna House Books page for more details).

Jane Catherine Luna House
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