Luna House is based in Christchurch but can travel to any location to offer events and presentations. Please know you are most welcome to get in touch, and we can discuss ways in which any of the offerings below, or others you may wish to request, can be brought to your region.

Courses, Workshops, Seminars

Luna House offers a range of courses, workshops, seminars, talks and support groups.  Designed to inform, inspire, empower and support women of all ages and life-stages, these can be adapted to a variety of formats and combinations to suit the requirements of any group or workplace. Luna House teachings are inclusive of women who have experienced lifecycle interruptions such as hysterectomy, early menopause, chemotherapy or sexual abuse.  All women and girls, regardless of their circumstances, are entitled to and can benefit from this knowledge

Professional Development and Training Presentations

Luna House provides professional development and training presentations to those in health, education, therapeutic or social service occupations whose clientele includes women and girls.

For Women

Foundation Courses and Workshops
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Offering new, in-depth and life-changing understandings of each feminine life-stage.  These are run as 8-week courses in Christchurch, or as day or weekend workshops by request in other centres.

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Further Courses, Workshops and Supports
  • Sacred Sexuality: Opening to our sexuality in the context of the femenome

  • Seasonal celebrations and special occasions in relation to the femenome

  • Support ceremonies for women facing disruption to their menstruality through medical or surgical interventions, early menopause, etc

  • Graduate courses and workshops for women who have completed a foundation course and wish to deepen their understanding and practice of the femenome

For Mothers and Carers of Girls

Support for mothers, teachers, social workers, aunties, step-mothers, god-mothers, neighbours, friends - all who care for girls approaching or experiencing menarche.

This can be presented as a day workshop or ongoing course, as required.

Are you sometimes baffled or distressed by the monthly or midlife changes your partner or daughter goes through?  Luna House offers you support and knowledge that can shed new light on those mysteries.

For Men

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To ensure that our relationships and family life are enhanced rather than adversely affected by the hormonal ups and downs of menstruality

For Couples

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