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Pause for Menopause

Hello everyone. Lovely to see some of you at the introductory evening of Pause for Menopause. We now warmly invite women approaching or experiencing menopause to our ongoing forum, as detailed below. Join us if you would like to be part of a sisterhood navigating this intense passage together, with laughter, learning, and lots of support. Next seminar is on the 17th of March 7pm.

This is an invitation to join Pause for Menopause monthly membership, which offers access to a moderated private Facebook group, a monthly newsletter and live Q & A sessions lead by experts in nutrition, plant medicine, hormones, emotional and spiritual aspects of menopause, energy, and more. @lunahousenz @brenchley.sarah @heartplacewithnursejacqui Menopause is a significant hormonal milestone that offers a unique opportunity to assess your health, plan for the next phase of your life, and open up to a wonderfully expanded wyay of being yourself. Hot hot hot joining fee of $5 for the first month, $20 there after Join myself, Sarah and Jacqui at our next members' seminar on the 17th of March along with a sisterhood of women to support you through your journey with menopause.


The femenome is here. She is ours. We are hers. She has been banished into dormancy for longer than human memory can stretch. And now she is awakening. Dear sisters, it’s time to let her in. Because then, together, we can let her out!!


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