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Luna House Newsletter, Winter 2023

Hello everyone

It seems such a long time since I have written to you.

Time is passing so quickly these days, and I know we are all feeling that.

It is hard to even glimpse, let alone maintain, a sense of keeping up with

the pace – but perhaps there is some comfort in knowing we are all in

that together!

A warm welcome to readers who are newly subscribed to this (very

sporadic) newsletter. It was lovely to meet some of you at the South

Island Spirit Festival in January.

If you’ve been wondering where Luna House has been lately, my focus has been more on developing and presenting the conscious menstruality knowledge to the therapy world, in the form of my new modality called Femenome® Therapy. There is rapidly growing interest and excitement about including menstrual cycles and menopause in therapy (or perhaps more accurately, in learning how to allow women’s menstrual cycles and menopause to be the inbuilt therapists they really are!!). I am very hopeful of presenting this ground-breaking work at an international Psychotherapy event in Ireland in September, and getting some momentum going around the world in this boundlessly inspiring yet scandalously neglected field.

Femenome Therapy is available to support you for those who can

attend in person in Christchurch, Aotearoa (New Zealand), or online for

those living in other places. Consultations for a wide range of issues are

offered, through a femenome lens or as general psychotherapy or


Coming up around the country…

Two introductory presentations in Christchurch, June and July.

For women curious about a completely different approach to their menstrual cycles or menopause, these half-day workshops would be a great place to start.

Would you like to learn something new about something old?

This short workshop will introduce:

• A new understanding of our female hormones and why they act as they do.

• A clear model that makes sense of our changeability, emotions and physical experiences around the month.

• Some tools to minimise difficulties and align our daily life to our cycle


• An exploration of our Menstrual Cycle’s special resonance with Nature.

• The spiritual and developmental dimensions of living our Menstrual Cycle consciously.

Saturday 24th June, 9.30 – 12.30

At Cherish, 52 Bealey Ave


Register by 18th June at


life-changing knowledge for change-of-life women

A short, introductory workshop, offering:

• An empowering and perhaps surprising new perspective for making sense of Menopause.

• A clear model for understanding of why our hormones behave in the mysterious ways they do.

• Some tools and practical strategies to help you trust and enjoy your Menopause, and ease any struggles or worries.

• A deep insight into the spiritual and developmental purpose of Menopause in our overall life design.

Saturday 8th July, 9.30 – 12.30

At Cherish, 52 Bealey Ave


Register by 2nd July, at


Weekend Workshop on Menopause, in Thames, 5/6 August.

Please do pass on this info to women you know in the Coromandel/Thames/Tauranga area who may be interested.

A life-changing weekend workshop for change-of-life women.

Would you like to:

• make new and liberating sense of the mysteries of Menopause?

• learn the intriguing language of feminine hormones?

• gain insights and understandings far beyond the medical model?

• open to the spiritual and developmental purposes of Menopause?

Suitable for women approaching or experiencing Menopause

Saturday 5th August, 9.30am-4pm, Sunday 6th August, 9.30am-3pm

St James Church, 650 Pollen St, Thames

$195* Registrations must be completed by 16th July 2021

(*negotiable where necessary)

Local Contact Person: Shelley Sweet,

ph: 021 915 891



Auckland, at last!

After many foiled and failed attempts to bring Luna House to Auckland, we are now planning an evening event in the first week of August.

This will be a talk and book celebration, so a chance to get your very own copy of The World Within Women, and bring along all your friends of any age to experience a liberating, revolutionary and exciting new perspective on menstrual cycles, menopause and mature life.

Thursday 3rd August, 7-9pm

The Life Centre, 88 Jervois Road, Ponsonby.

This event is brought to you by NZ Registered Charity Heart Place Hospital. For further information, and to register, call Jacqui : 021 0733 072 or email


Do remember that Luna House can travel, and provide workshops, talks

or seminars to women, workplaces or special interest groups on request.

I am always happy to discuss your needs and co-create events to suit.


Book News

The World Within Women: the femenome guide to your menstrual cycle is still available in both print and e-book from Luna House Books

If you’ve enjoyed reading it yourself you may like to consider giving it as a gift to other women – or if you think it should be available to as many readers as possible, do ask your local library to stock it if they aren’t already.

The sequel, The Alchemy of Menopause, is coming along nicely, and will hopefully be available to you at the end of this year, or early in 2024, depending on other commitments.


That’s all for now – but do remember you are most welcome to get in touch if you have questions, requests, inspirations or feedback to share.

As winter descends on us here in the southern hemisphere, stay well, stay wise, stay warm – especially in your responses to yourself!!

With love

Jane Catherine


The femenome is here. She is ours. We are hers. She has been banished into dormancy for longer than human memory can stretch. And now she is awakening. Dear sisters, it’s time to let her in. Because then, together, we can let her out!!


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