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Midwinter Newsletter for 2022

Warmest greetings dear women, at this midwinter moment. A special welcome to those of you who have recently joined the mailing list. We are a growing community of women wishing to live in a more attuned way with our deep feminine nature, and to open up to more of our own fenomenal potential by understanding the prompts and invitations of our menstrual cycles, menopause and cronehood as they call from inside us each and every day.


Luna House on Rakiura

Heartfelt thanks to Becky and Cherie, whose superb organisational skills created an opportunity for Luna House to visit Rakiura (Stewart Island) at the end of May. And also to Maggie for so generously hosting our workshop series.

It was wonderful to spend a whole weekend in the company of Island women, and hopefully the introductory foundations we laid will now allow you all to continue meeting

and exploring your menstrual cycle and

menopause experiences from a new perspective.

Don’t forget that many of the reflections and exercises in my book “The World Within Women: the femenome guide to your menstrual cycle” are designed to be used by groups of women wanting to deepen your journeys together. Our menstrual cycles and menopause were never designed to be lived in isolation, and I am sure you will find that they can be much enhanced and enriched by becoming the collectively held processes they were always meant to be. I hugely enjoyed my time with you, and look forward to ongoing opportunities to take this special knowledge further in the future.


Luna House in Wellington

Thanks to local organiser Annie, Luna House will be making its first appearance in Wellington on August 13th, for a full day workshop, The Alchemy of Menopause. Please spread the word to any women you may know in that part of the country who may like to attend. To see or share more details, or to RSVP, click here for the Facebook version,, or here to go to the website registration page: . I am very much looking forward to bringing this knowledge to women in Wellington, at last.


Pause for Menopause

Reminding you all that this is a monthly forum for women approaching or experiencing menopause to come together for an hour of information and support, where your questions can be answered by our panel of three: Sarah, our Naturopath/Herbalist; Jacqui, our Nurse/Whole-Health Practitioner and myself from Luna House.

Stories and experiences can be shared, questions asked and explored, and a sense of convivial company enjoyed as we all encounter the many and varied mysteries that menopause may present to us.

Next forum: Thursday 7th July, 7-8pm.

To find out more or to register, go to


Have You Read The World Within Women yet?

The second print run of the first book of Luna House knowledge has now sold out, and a third reprint is on its way. So now would be a good time to order any copies you may need for yourself, or as gifts. This book is also available on the website as an e-book, if that is your preferred way of reading. Don’t forget too that if you think other women may benefit from what is in this book, your library may well be willing to stock it if asked.

“The femenome is our teacher-in-residence, our ever-present guide catalyst, illuminator of every aspect of Self to ourself…. It will lead us as the sacred labyrinth does, by a path that is never straight, in a direction that constantly changes, ever inward to the centre of our being.” (p60)


Individual Support Consultations also Available

Don’t forget you are welcome to personal support with your menstrual cycle or menopause (or any aspect of your womanly life) through individual consultations, either in person or online. See for more information. That’s all for this edition, but I’ll be back soon with further ways we can all share the journey of consciously living our natural Femenome lives together.

With love to you all Jane Catherine At Luna House


The femenome is here. She is ours. We are hers. She has been banished into dormancy for longer than human memory can stretch. And now she is awakening. Dear sisters, it’s time to let her in. Because then, together, we can let her out!!


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