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the femenome

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the 4m hormonal life-design of women:

menarche / menstrual cycles / menopause / mature life

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The World Within Women

Physical copies and e-book versions available for purchase now!

280 pages dedicated to remembering and re-embodying the femenome® cycle within us.

Luna House's Mission

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Jane Catherine Severn

​Women, our time has come…

Our time to remember something so long forgotten we are hardly aware it is missing.

Our time to come home from an exile so ancient we no longer realise we are not where we belong.

Our time to awaken from the sleep that does not know it is asleep and embark upon a whole new chapter of human progress…


Every woman in the world carries within her a shining treasure which she has been taught to ignore, over-ride or at best tolerate with little understanding.

In more ways than we have ever been told, our 4-m hormonal design sequence of Menarche, Menstrual Cycle Years, Menopause and Mature Life is a holographic replica of the Universe, and all of the fourfold Laws of Nature.  It is at the same time a most elegant and sophisticated internal guidance system, geared to ensure our optimal spiritual and psychological development of Self.

The mission of Luna House is to offer a remembering… a homecoming … an awakening… to what we are made of, what we are part of, and how we are, in our true nature, designed to function.  It calls us to a new kind of feminism, no longer complying with the age-old demand to live as if our essential feminine experiences do not affect us, but acknowledging at last how powerfully, positively and purposefully they do.

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"This is imperative wisdom that we ALL need, no matter what age we come to discover this treasure about ourselves - it becomes a rite of passage.. life before you knew this and life after.  I look forward to welcoming more of this information in the future and being updated in knowledge that I didn't realise I had been searching for, but am so very happy to have finally found.  Ancient wisdom supporting modern Women.  Blessed Be Ladies, you won't regret it!"


participant on Fenomenal You : a new view of menopause workshop

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Femenome Forum

Remembering the femenome together through shared menstruality reflections.

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