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“Within every woman who has ever lived, hidden in plain sight in the last place we would think to look for it, lies a vast and beautiful untapped resource - a design whose breath-taking elegance and sophistication has not yet occurred to us.  In naming women’s four-m sequence of menarche, menstrual cycle years, menopause and mature life as a single entity going far beyond its fertility function, the femenome model makes visible, speakable, usable and meaningful the potent feminine hormonal energies that have too long been mysterious and even disturbing to us.


The World Within Women is a long- awaited voice speaking new language into old silence, catalysing knowledge into contrived ignorance, and profound healing into an ancient wound in the female psyche.  Its simple yet revolutionary insights offer a radically empowering new view of the menstrual cycle, and the perfect and purposeful holographic matrix of which it is a part.  Here is a clarion call to a new kind of feminism - one that bestows its own equality, not by complying with the accustomed demand to live as if our menstrual cycles do not affect us, but by knowing as we have never known before how powerfully and positively they do.



Readers Say...


“Fantastic and perfect; insightful and amazing; enlightening and liberating; empowering and beautiful”  (Neave Ross-Wallace)


“A very special message for women, brilliantly conceived and beautifully delivered” (Isabella)


“This knowledge is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received” (Sally)


"This book really is a remembering and I am awed by the author's work. It is a huge act of courage in a world that disavows our menstrual cycle reality, and a crucially important piece of work for these times we are so desperately needing reconnection with our natural world (and ourselves). The book is beautifully written, her ideas are articulated with passion, clarity and purpose, and best of all it is so practical! I have come away with a good foundation for living more cyclically and so inspired to make the most of the years I have left of my cycle. I've worked as a natural fertility educator and have taught the cycle from a physiological perspective, but learning about it from an energetic perspective is a whole other level of deepened awareness. Thank you Jane Catherine, with reverence - may as many humans as possible - women, men and non-binary whānau - read this book, and be transformed by it!!!" (Anna)

The World Within Women

SKU: LHBooks02
    • ISBN: 9780473568498
    • Format: ePub & MOBI (Zip)
    • Language: English
    • Published: May 2021
    • Publisher: Luna House Books
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